To empower REALTORS® as they preserve, protect, and advance the right to real property for all.


To be a trusted ally, guiding our members and those they serve through the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Operating Values

What Do We Stand For?

Right to Housing. We believe that every individual should have access to safe, decent, affordable housing.

Real Estate Impact. We believe that a thriving residential and commercial real estate market is a critical economic engine to support healthy vibrant communities.

Private Property Rights. We believe that the freedom to buy, sell, and utilize property, as protected by the 5th amendment, underlies all real estate transactions and markets.

Homeownership. We support the broadest opportunity for homeownership and promote the benefits to individuals, families and the community.

Entrepreneurship. We believe that every individual should have the freedom to pursue their business goals and succeed in creating the quality of life they desire.

Professionalism. We believe that all REALTORS® ascribe to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

How Will We Operate?

Empathy. In all that we do, we are guided by a deep understanding and sensitivity to our members’ needs and concerns and stay focused on removing barriers to their success and profitability.

Collaboration. We believe that by sharing expertise, ideas and resources with others, we can build relationships and solutions that will advance the industry. We will always seek to find best in brand companies, partners or platforms, rather than build or develop it ourselves.

Stewardship. We believe that we have a responsibility to manage and direct the assets of the association, including the integrity of the REALTOR® brand, for the sole purpose of benefiting our members.

Transparency. We strive for open, two-way communication with members to inform our actions and decisions on their behalf.

Resilience. To lead effectively, we must adapt to our changing environment and be proactive in shaping a future in which our members can thrive.

Inclusivity. We believe that every voice has value in shaping the work we do, and that by embracing our differences, we will learn more, be stronger and develop better solutions.

Long-Term Goals

Pillar: Leadership & Influence

NAR will continue to be the trusted voice for real estate.

NAR will advocate for the issues that impact the development of sustainable, vibrant, accessible communities.

NAR will seek to partner with those who can drive innovation in the business of real estate and in meeting the changing needs of the consumer.

Pillar: Industry Outreach

NAR will unite all facets of the residential and commercial industry to create a powerful, cohesive voice for real estate.

NAR will advance the real estate profession worldwide.

Pillar: Member Success

NAR will pursue innovative programs, products and services that support the productivity and success of the REALTOR®.

The value of membership in NAR will be clear, essential and undeniable.

Pillar: REALTOR® Brand

NAR will serve the member and the consumer by setting and enforcing the standard for the consistent, ethical practice of real estate.

The REALTOR® will be recognized and trusted as the consumer’s advocate and the expert advisor for all things real estate.

Pillar: Member Experience

NAR will provide a customized member experience, targeting communication, service delivery and engagement opportunities to individual member needs and expectations.

NAR will provide opportunities for members to collaborate, learn and grow across disciplines.

Pillar: Organizational Development & Performance
NAR will be a nimble, decisive leader in shaping the future of real estate.


Pillar: Leadership & Influence

Strategic Opportunity: Political Advocacy

2025 Objectives

  1. Modernize NAR’s advocacy approach in a changing political landscape to wield greater influence with legislative, executive and regulatory entities on the federal level, and in collaboration with state and local associations at the state and local levels.

  2. Strengthen messaging around Fair Housing in political advocacy efforts.

Strategic Opportunity: Housing Production and Access

2025 Objectives

  1. Improve housing availability, affordability, accessibility and sustainability to better meet consumer demand.

  2. Critically review NAR public policy through an equity lens, and incorporate the NAR operating value of diversity, equity and inclusion as an organic part of the policy development and review process.

Strategic Opportunity: Consumer Advocacy

2025 Objectives

  1. Enhance the next generations’ understanding of the benefit of homeownership and the essential expertise of the REALTOR® and capture their passion and influence in addressing real estate and community issues.

Strategic Opportunity: Risk Management

2025 Objectives

  1. Protect the right to real property and educate and support members to anticipate and mitigate risk in the practice of real estate.

Strategic Opportunity: Climate and Sustainability

2025 Objectives

  1. Raise member understanding of the impact of climate change and the importance of sustainability practices to our industry.

  2. Become the recognized leader and resource for industry and community sustainability and resiliency.

Happy couple shows off new house keys strategic framework 2023

Pillar: Industry Outreach

Strategic Opportunity: Commercial Industry Engagement

2025 Objectives

  1. Redefine NAR value for the commercial industry and reimagine engagement of all commercial sectors.

Strategic Opportunity: Strategic Alliances

2025 Objectives

  1. Significantly expand NAR strategic alliances to improve collaboration on a wide range of issues impacting real estate and sustainable, vibrant, accessible communities.

Strategic Opportunity: Global Outreach

2025 Objectives

  1. Continue to build global partnerships, collaboration and sharing of best practice to advance the real estate profession worldwide and provide business opportunities for members.

Pillar: Member Success

Strategic Opportunity: Business Intelligence, Resources and Tools

2025 Objectives

  1. Provide members with the data, tools, technology and education to deliver distinctive, exceptional service to consumers and to maximize members’ business success.

Strategic Opportunity: Real Estate Data and Business Models

2025 Objectives

  1. Advocate and champion a pro-consumer, pro-competition real estate environment.

Strategic Opportunity: REALTOR® Well-Being

2025 Objectives

  1. Develop and promote practices that support member safety, financial and personal well-being.

Pillar: REALTOR® Brand

Strategic Opportunity: Professional Standard of Excellence

2025 Objectives

  1. Set a higher standard of excellence in real estate so that REALTORS® can consistently meet changing consumer needs and expectations.
  2. Promote REALTORS® as champions of diverse, inclusive, accessible, and sustainable communities.

Strategic Opportunity: REALTOR® Value

2025 Objectives

  1. Ensure that REALTORS® know their value, can communicate their value and consistently embody their value in serving consumers.
  2. Ensure consumers understand and appreciate the value of the REALTOR®.

Pillar: Member Experience

Strategic Opportunity: Communication Strategy

2025 Objectives

  1. Enhance the M1 database as a more robust platform that helps NAR and local and state associations more effectively communicate with members and target benefits and services.
  2. Develop an organization-wide strategic communications plan that coordinates and integrates content and messaging to members and consumers and supports achievement of 2025 objectives under each Plan Pillar.

Strategic Opportunity: Partnership with Brokers

2025 Objectives

  1. Expand the partnership with brokers to engage members and advance our common industry goals and priorities.

Strategic Opportunity: Engagement of Next Generation Professionals

2025 Objectives

  1. Create additional pathways for engagement of next generation REALTORS® resulting in a strong sense of belonging and contribution of their voice and talents.

Strategic Opportunity: A Sense of Belonging

2025 Objectives

  1. Reduce bias in interactions with members and in processes designed to engage members in the association.

Pillar: Organizational Development and Performance

Strategic Opportunity: NAR-State-Local Association Relations

2025 Objectives

  1. Improve understanding of national, state and local association complementary roles, and cooperation, communication and alignment around a shared member.

Strategic Opportunity: NAR Focus and Priority

2025 Objectives

  1. Conduct annually a consistent, integrated process of planning that aligns the focus and resources of the association around an agreed upon set of goals and priorities.

Strategic Opportunity: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

2025 Objectives

  1. Fully realize and maintain the impact of the DEI initiative in NAR policy, governance and member engagement.

Strategic Opportunity: Leadership Development

2025 Objectives

  1. Develop a system to identify and cultivate competent, engaged leaders who represent the diversity of the membership and who are committed to advancing the industry and the communities they serve.

Strategic Opportunity: Environment, Social, Governance and Resilience (ESG+R) Practices

2025 Objectives

  1. Use an ESG+R lens on a regular basis to evaluate NAR policies, practices and decisions.

Strategic Opportunity: Organizational Culture

2025 Objectives

  1. Reinforce an NAR organizational culture that fully embraces the association’s operating values in decision-making, action and behavior throughout the organization.

2023 Strategic Priorities

1. Clarity and Pride in the REALTOR® Brand (brand value and communication)

2. Housing for All: Availability, Affordability, Accessibility, Sustainability

3. REALTOR® Safety and Wellness (including financial)

4. Continued Implementation of the NAR Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative

5. Value and Engagement of the Commercial Sector

6. Continued Development of a Comprehensive, Robust Member Database and Strategic Communication Plan

7. Pursuit of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships that Strengthen the REALTOR® Brand with the Consumer

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Pillar: Executive Commitment

Strategic Opportunity: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are prioritized, built into our association structures and process, and measured consistent with other NAR strategic initiatives


  1. Create permanent D.E.I. infrastructure for the Association membership.
  2. Establish accountability and measures for D.E.I. results.
  3. Ensure NAR Leadership is educated on D.E.I.

Pillar: Membership

Strategic Opportunity: We have a diverse membership that is represented in our leadership, governance, and committee structures.


  1. Remove bias from any stage of the selection process.
  2. Utilize leadership academies to advance D.E.I.
  3. Establish an expectation that serving on a national committee is an opportunity in succession planning. Members can move to other committees and recommend others to serve. It is important to ensure this is not implemented on a selective basis by maintaining and analyzing the service records.

Pillar: Culture

Strategic Opportunity: We have an inclusive association culture where everyone feels welcomed, connected, a sense of belonging, and realizes the NAR value proposition.


  1. Improve consistency in realizing the NAR value proposition across all demographics.
  2. Build capacity to value diversity and demonstrate inclusive behaviors.
  3. Create a culture change plan; specifically address “cliquishness” and unintended exclusionary behaviors.

Pillar: Advocacy

Strategic Opportunity: We promote public policy and provide programs to advance broader homeownership availability and affordability in all communities. We prioritize efforts to narrow homeownership gaps among demographic groups and promote strong enforcement of anti-discrimination laws in the housing market.


  1. Ensure participation of diverse member voices in development of NAR public policy positions.
  2. Ensure the process for developing NAR public policy positions considers impact on groups that have been discriminated against in housing.
  3. Update the training process for Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs) and association staff to encourage development of diversity in FPC program.
  4. Ensure Real Estate Services Advisory Group and Top 50 Large Firm Directors include diverse participants and perspectives.
  5. Ensure REALTOR® party programming and Community Outreach programs include diverse participants, activities, and perspectives.
  6. Ensure, within legal confines, NAR’s engagement in the NAR RPAC process incorporates diversity and considers NAR’s commitment to fair housing.

Pillar: Partners

Strategic Opportunity: We identify and develop a diversity of partnerships to better serve our members, the real estate industry, and communities.


  1. Continue to enhance partnerships with four multicultural real estate organizations and continue to elevate these organizations at the national level in partnership with NAR.
  2. Enhance pipeline development initiatives to increase diversity in the real estate industry.
  3. Expand NAR D.E.I. priorities to include financial investment into homeownership and intergenerational wealth initiatives in multicultural communities.

Pillar: Communication & Marketing Management

Strategic Opportunity: We deliver the D.E.I. message to the hearts and minds of our members, the real estate industry, and communities.


  1. Position the business case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at NAR to support other D.E.I. efforts within our Association.
  2. Cascade D.E.I. buy-in, ownership, and accountability from leadership through State Associations, Councils, and Committees.
  3. Expand efforts to include and retain racially and ethnically diverse members within our Association.