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In addition, members can subscribe to Navigate With NAR, the new REALTOR® Magazine daily newsletter; bi-monthly updates on offers and rewards from the MVP Program; and mobile alerts from the REALTOR® Party.

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The National Association of REALTORS® does not, and has never, sold or provided members' phone numbers to telemarketers, nor does it sell or provide email addresses to third party advertisers.

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Navigate With NAR:

Your new daily newsletter and business GPS with spot-on segments, relevant reports, and actionable advice. For REALTORS® and AEs available at the Subscriptions & Notifications tab of of My Account; scroll down the page for Navigate With NAR. (Requires login.) Curated by SmartBrief, powered by REALTOR® Magazine.


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An opt-out NAR update for all REALTORS® and AEs, delivered three times per month. Designated REALTORS® receive a broker version. Opt in or out at the Subscriptions & Notifications tab of of My Account. (Requires login.)

REALTOR® Content Resource:

A newsletter for REALTORS® registered at HouseLogic's REALTOR® Content Resource. Contact to update your subscription.

REALTOR® Party News:

REALTOR® Party updates, priorities, and successes; goes to all Member's Edge subscribers.

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Commercial Digest:

An opt-in monthly newsletter featuring concise, actionable content for commercial real estate professionals; update your Field of Business in M1 (follow the steps outlined here) to sign up. (Requires login.)

Young Professionals Network (YPN):

An e-newsletter update for the 20,000+ REALTORS® registered for YPN. Contact Rob Reuter at 312-329-8433 or to join YPN or manage preferences.

REALTOR® Association Executives, Staff, and Leadership


News for state and local AEs, as well as attorneys, communication specialists, education specialists, government affairs directors, member service specialists, MLS directors, and regional MLS AEs. Not receiving? Contact Wilma Veal at 312-329-8496 or


For state and local government affairs directors.